Vinyl Floors in Fresno

Vinyl flooring provides more options than any other flooring.

vinyl floors in Fresno

Vinyl flooring has changed a lot throughout the years. Thanks to the evolution of technology, it is easier to create patterns that look like real wood, ceramic, and stone; making the appearance of this type of flooring more real. Vinyl flooring provides more options than any other flooring. The variety of styles available, durability and low maintenance are the main attributes why many homeowners choose them. Vinyl floors are also available in tile and plank form, offering customers a wide range of price points, designs, and colors that are suitable for almost any area of the home. They are most frequently used in kitchens and baths because they are highly resistant to moisture and are available in a variety of colors and texture that coordinate well with most any interior. 

Taking care of vinyl

Maintenance for vinyl floors is pretty easy. No waxing, polishing or buffing is required, which means less time taking care of your floors.  Cleaning the floor with a vacuum or sweeping the floor to remove any loose grit and dirt are enough.  Also, weekly mopping with a damp mop using the manufacturer’s recommended cleaner will do it. The secret to making vinyl floors last for years is having a professional do the installation and give them proper maintenance on a regular basis. Having a United Carpet One Fresno professional do the installation will give you the peace of mind that all the appropriate sub-floor preparations are done.

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