Tile Care

The key for beautiful tiles is regular maintenance. 

tile care

How to take care of your tiles?

Tile floors are known for being resistant; but time, traffic and general use will cause noticeable wear if it is not properly cleaned and cared for. Take note of these tips and use them to properly take care of your new tile floor.  In this way you will ensure that your tile will look as good as new for its entire life. Once your tile’s grout has dried, you are going to want to make sure you seal any non-epoxy joints with a silicone sealer. Grout is very porous and will absorb any liquids if it is not sealed properly. This can lead to many problems down the line, including the growth of mold and mildew. You will also want to periodically inspect grout for any cracks or splits so you can fix these before they become a serious issue. If grout becomes stained there are special grout cleaners available that can help you. Grout colorants are also available to fix discoloration or change grout’s color entirely.

Sweep, vacuum, or dry mop your floor daily to remove any dirt that can adhere to the surface of the tile. This is especially important for textured surfaces where dirt can be harder to remove. It is important to keep your tiles clean while the grout is still curing to prevent dirt and other substances from staining the grout.Damp mop your floor weekly using a manufacturer-recommended cleaner. Scrubbing may be required to clean textured surfaces where dirt is harder to remove. Warm water may be sufficient for cleaning areas that receive low traffic flow.We recommend that you keep some extra tiles on hand in the event that you need to replace any tiles. The beauty of tile floors is that if one tile becomes damaged you can replace single tiles and don’t have to replace the whole floor.