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Cleaning Glazed Porcelain and Ceramic

Glazed porcelain and ceramic tiles are among the easiest flooring materials to clean. Due to their impenetrable glazes, their surfaces are resistant to water, dirt, chemicals, oil, debris, and even germs and bacteria.

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How to Clean Tile: Important Things to Remember

Do not clean porcelain tile flooring with ammonia or with cleaners that contain bleach and/or acid. Acid and ammonia based cleaners may modify grout color and product stability.

Use a cleaner that is pH neutral. This ensures cleaning will not harm your grout or surrounding surfaces.

Do not use wax or oil-based cleaners.

Use rugs at entrances to prevent dirt and grit from being tracked onto the tile flooring from outdoors. Tiles are scratch resistant but not scratch proof.

Do not use steel wool or other abrasive pads to remove tough debris or stains. Steel wool may scratch your tiles and loose steel particles may eventually create rust stains in the grout over time.

Although glazed surfaces are impervious, the use of a grout release will aid in post installation clean up, especially if the glazed surface has a texture to it where mortar, grout and other construction debris can get trapped inside grooves during and after installation.

Standard Cleaning Guidelines for Glazed Products

Sweep or vacuum loose dirt and dust from the floor prior to washing with water to prevent the tile from becoming muddy or leaving a residue after On textured surfaces sweep in multiple directions to ensure the removal of all foreign material that might be residing in the textured surface. For wall surfaces tile can be gently wiped down with a clean, dry cloth or rag.

Mop the floor with a mild detergent, degreaser, or tile cleaning solution. For textured floors, the use of a medium bristle brush is recommended. A sponge or clean cloth can be used to apply the cleaning agent to wall surfaces.

Rinse the tile thoroughly with clean water to remove any left-over detergents.

Drying with a clean cloth or rag is recommended to increase the shine and to prevent water spots or streaks.

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