Tigressá Carpets at United Carpet One

With the evolution of technology, soft surface flooring options have gone through many changes. Nowadays, more than one stain resistant alternatives are available in the flooring industry. Long gone are the days when homeowners had to worry about pet accidents and spills on their carpet. At United Carpet One Floor & Home we are proud to carry one of the most recognized names in the carpet world, Tigressá. Tigressá is a Carpet One exclusive with a variety of products designed to suit even the most hectic household. The Tigressá family offers three different lines with enhanced protection against liquids, which gives you the tranquility that your floor is ready to survive active children, spills, and pet accidents. Discover what each of the Tigressá products has to offer on this page. If you are interested in more information, installation costs, warranties, and more, visit our store today located at 2450 North Clovis Avenue, Fresno, CA 93727 or contact us here for a FREE estimate.  

Discover the family of Tigressá carpets

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    Tigressá Cherish: This is the SUPER SOFT extension of the brand.

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    Tigressá H2O: waterproof, pet- proof and kid-proof.

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    Tigressá SoftStyle: a premier, all nylon soft carpet with a unique softness.

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