Engineered Stone Flooring

Engineered Stone Flooring is a popular choice for family rooms, kitchens, game rooms, foyers and hallways.

engineered stone floors

Engineered stone tile flooring is an innovative alternative to natural stone and ceramic tile. Like engineered hardwood and other hardwood flooring, it comes in many styles, colors and patterns. They can be used to create borders and diamond and herringbone designs. Engineered stone flooring is composite materials made of crushed stone bound with a quality commercial-grade adhesive.

Unlike natural stone, engineered stone is non-porous. This means that there are no worries with moisture, mildew and mold. Its binding agent creates an internal uniform texture that eliminates water infiltration. This type of flooring is also highly durable. Stone slabs resist stress damage due to pressure. It can also shift without sustaining damage. With its high durability, it’s well suited for busy families and high trafficked areas. For years, you can have a floor that looks brand new.

In both rich colors and unique textures that mimic natural stone, you get a realistic stone look with engineered stone flooring. Get the real look of quartz, marble, slate and more. They come in a wide range of realistic looks, including earthy colors with dimensional depth and indentations for a completely natural look. Plus, this type of flooring is easy to care for and require very little maintenance. It works well for homemakers on the go. Just sweep or vacuum and damp mop occasionally. And when it comes to price, engineered stoned flooring is budget-friendly. It costs less than real stone and hardwood flooring and gives you a high-end look at an affordable price point.

A natural look, affordable price, palette of designs to choose from, low maintenance, resilient and character are the hallmarks of engineered stone flooring. It’s a popular choice for family rooms, kitchens, game rooms, foyers and hallways. Enhance the mood of your home with the natural beauty of engineered stone flooring.