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Carpet isn't designed just to be a soft surface to step on. Carpet now has the ability to be stain resistant, and even water proof! This means muddy paws getting loose or impromptu art shows with the kids won't ruin your carpets! Shop name brands like Stainmaster or our exclusive Tigressa collection, and find the carpet that best fits your home and life style!

Brands we carry

Relax It's...Lee's

Lee's carpets are made to be pet friendly, no need to worry about muddy paws getting loose and ruining your carpets!

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We want to bring you only the best and most trust carpet brands, that's why we carry Stainmaster!

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tigressa carpets


Tigressa Carpet One exclusive carpets offer a product for every home whether you are looking for water proof, ultra plush, or ultra strong!

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