4 Benefits of Hardwood

Hardwood has been one of the most popular flooring upgrades for decades.

benefits of hardwood floors

Hardwood floors give interiors a clean, sophisticated look. There is something inviting and regal about the way natural wood flooring ties the room together and matches any decorative theme. Aside from being beautiful, hardwood floors also have many other positive attributes that kept it as one of the most popular flooring upgrades for decades.

1. Variety 

When you choose hardwood floors, you have many choices between species of wood, plank size, and type of finish. You can make anything from your imagination come to life! You also can top your wood floors with beautiful rugs that match your current furniture theme. When you are ready for a fresh look for your floor, switching gears is as simple as purchasing a new area rug. 

2. Value

Another benefit of hardwood floors is that they add value to your home. Because they have a timeless look, they won't go out of style and won't depreciate. Home buyers often ask for hardwood floors on the listings they visit because they are an elegant, durable feature that makes the property more valuable. 

3. Cleanliness 

Hardwood floors are very easy to clean since there are no fibers to trap dust or food particles. It 's hard for messes to be hidden on wood floors like they usually are in carpets. All you need is a simple broom or light vacuum to take care of any dust that may accumulate. It is also difficult for mold to fester in wood floors because when properly finished, they don't trap liquid or harbor dampness. Because of this, hardwood floors are ideal for people with indoor allergies.  

4. Longevity 

Hardwood floors can last for many years when well-cared for and periodically refinished. In fact, in many historic American cities like downtown Fredericksburg and Charleston, there are old buildings with original wood floors that have lasted since the 1800's. While carpet often needs to be ripped out and replaced, hardwood floors can remain functional and beautiful when properly maintained.